S. Paulo - Brazil

We are pleased to announce the forthcoming merger of CRC and HCor Research Institute.


HCor is a prestigious Heart Hospital that created a very well structured non-for-profit Research Organization based in Sao Paulo- Brazil.


CRC will bring to this affiliation all the vast experience in the field of Imaging Core Lab analysis, including QCA, IVUS and OCT led by the same internationally renowned and talented experts; combined with HCOR Research Institute that has been engaged in delivering high quality CRO full-service on both pharmaceutical and medical devices.


Please visit us at www.hcor.com.br/en/.

Should you need further information, kindly contact us at +55 11 3053-5201

New Address:

R. Abílio Soares, 250

7h Floor

São Paulo - SP, 04004-050 Brazil